• Solace is the land where this story takes place, with many unusual creatures living on it's surface.
  • Piper is one of the main characters of this story and has a secret ability that she doesn't even know about. She's a machinist. (not just one of the scrappers, but a machinist with powers to control machines, hence the name.)
  • Anna is the girl that was found in the meteor storm where a caravan was not supposed to be that brought her along. Anna is the only one that feeds off of piper, her life force revolves around her, literally. Anna is a different form of being that has never been seen on Solace before. Anna is part robot, one not from Solace.
  • Micah is Piper's best friend and is a scavenger, he wants more than what his parents want for him, but more than anything he wants to leave Scrap Town Number 16, injured by a meteor shower, will he ever get his chance?
  • Gee is the security on the 401, as a changeling Gee is able to transform from man to dragon at will. Picked up by the crew of the 401 and adopted, he takes his job seriously and protects it form anything, including stowaways like Anna and Piper.
  • The Wolf is the name Anna gave to the man hunting her and Piper, a man that seems to be driven by his own selfish desires, right hand man to the king of the Dragonfly territories, he will stop at nothing to get Anna back, and kidnap Piper while he's at it.